Outdoor Light 36W 24V Wall Washer Aluminum LED Lighting

  • 36w 39″  1000 mm long, slim body design 
  • Durable extruded aluminum chassis for better heat dissipation
  • 1 unit lighting or link together to cover larger surface areas
  • Shock, corrosion, and IP65 water-resistant for indoor and outdoor project
  • Providing even, colorful accent light to billboard, architecture, building wall

Additional information

LED Chips



300mm 500mm 1000mm




IP65 Rating


6w 9w 18w 24w 36w 48w

Input voltage

DC12V 24V 36V AC220V 110V

 Outdoor Light 36W 24V Wall Washer Aluminum LED Lighting


LED Wall Washer Definition

Its name comes from its function, when it shines on the wall , it’s lighting beam make the wall as new and beautiful as it has just been washed, so people called it led wall washer.

It is a kind of LED lamp, which has all the functions of LED lights. Energy-saving and light effect coexists, and it is rich in color and very durable.

LED Wall Washer Working principle

Through the secondary light distribution, adjust the bi-directional luminous angle of the LED light source, so as to change the projection distance and concentration uniformity of the lamp, so as to make the outline of the building show a three-dimensional surface light effect.

LED wall washing lamps basically choose 1W or 3W high-power LED lamp beads as the light source. In order to achieve the effect of redistributing the light emitted by LED lamp beads and make the illuminance better, each LED lamp bead has a high light efficiency lens made of PMMA.

The lamp beads are arranged in a single line (two or more lines are arranged in what we call linear LED spotlights).

The LED beads of wall washing lamps all share an aluminum profile radiator. The quality of aluminum determines the quality of heat dissipation, which has important reference significance for the selection and purchase of products.

Projection Distance: generally between 1 and 10 meters.
The farthest effective projection distance of some high-power LED wall washing lamps (narrow angle) can reach 5-20 meters.


LED Wall Washer List

Model No. Power Voltage LED Quantity Light Color Beam Angle Size of lamp (mm) Other Wattage options
LR-QXQ1801 18W DC24V 18 pcs 2200K-6500K 8°/15°/30°/45°/10X60° 1000*36*57mm 18W / 24W / 36W
LR-QXQ1801A 9W DC24V 9 pcs 2200K-6500K 8°/15°/30°/45°/10X60° 500*36*57mm 9W / 12W / 18W
LR-QXQ1801B 6W DC24V 6 pcs 2200K-6500K 8°/15°/30°/45°/10X60° 300*36*57mm 6W / 8W / 12W
LR-QXQ1802 36W DC24V 18 pcs RGB/RGBW 8°/15°/30°/45°/10X60° 1000*36*57mm 36W / 48W
LR-QXQ1802A 18W DC24V 9 pcs RGB/RGBW 8°/15°/30°/45°/10X60° 500*36*57mm 18W / 24W

LED Wall Washer Application

Exterior walls of individual buildings and historic buildings.
Interior and exterior lighting of the building.
Green landscape lighting, billboard lighting.
Lighting of medical, cultural and other special facilities.
Entertainment place such as bars, dance halls, etc.


LED Wall Washer Process

DC24V Wall washer Light production line

LED Wall Washer Packing


DC24V Wall washer Light Packing

LED Wall Washer Installation

DC24V Wall washer Light Installation diagram

RGB and single color wall washer connector

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