How to Choose a LED Wall Washer?

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LED Wall Washer Definition

LED wall washer is a kind of LED lamp, which has all the functions of LED lamp, energy saving, environmental protection, high light efficiency, and its rich colors, very durable.

The reason why it is called  LED wall washer is due to its function. When it shines on the wall, it makes the wall as new and beautiful as it has just been washed, so people call it LED wall washer.

With the development of LED technology, the wall washing lamp of other light sources is gradually replaced by LED wall washer lamps.

LED wall washer chips are arranged in a single line (two or more lines are called linear LED floodlights).

LED Wall Washer Working principle

Through the secondary light distribution, the bidirectional light-emitting angle of the LED light source is adjusted to change the projection distance of the led chip and the uniformity of the light concentration, so that the appearance of the building has a three-dimensional planar light effect.

LED wall washers basically use 1W or 3W high-power LED chips as the light source. In order to achieve the effect of secondary distribution of the light emitted by the LED lamp beads, each LED chip of the wall washer will equipped with a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA.

LED Wall Washer Parameter


Commonly used are 300 mm 500 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm or customized.


 6w 9w 18w 24w 36w or customized

Light source

Generally, 1W, 3W high-power LED lamp beads are used as the light source.


According to the installation situation of the power supply, it can be divided into DC and AC. Externally, it is generally low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V, etc. The most popular style of BUllUX Lighting is DC24V. (link) Built-in power supply, external AC220V (AC110V) city power, etc.,

Beam angle

15 to 90 degrees

In addition to the above angles, we have upgraded a new wide-angle 10*60 degree, 10*60 degree wide-angle lighting can improve the lighting utilization rate and look more three-dimensional.


Die-cast aluminum lamp body and high-strength glass cover.

Die-cast aluminum material has excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation, so that the light bar maintains longer-term stable performance. The LED lamp beads of the wall washer all share the same aluminum radiator. The quality of aluminum determines the quality of heat dissipation, which has important reference significance for purchasing products.


Long strip shape, in order to meet the requirements of building installation and use of different shapes, round, square, length and size can be customized.

Luminous color

Colorful colors, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors


Glass reflective lens, light transmittance is 98-98%, not easy to fog, and can resist UV radiation

Adjustable bracket

The bracket can be adjusted 180°.  2 pieces 180° adjustable mounting brackets are provided  in 1 unit, which can be installed at any angle in many places according to customers’ requirements, including ceiling, wall or floor.

Projection distance

The projection distance is about 1~10 meters, but the farthest effective projection distance of the high-power, narrow-angle wall washer can reach 20-50 meters. Therefore, it has a wide range of usage scenarios.

Protection grade IP65

For outdoor use, the waterproof rating is required to reach IP65. At the same time, it must meet the relevant functions of pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame resistance, impact resistance and aging resistance. Grade IP65, 6 means that dust is completely prevented from entering, and 5 means that there is no harm in washing with water.

The IP65 waterproof design greatly improves the stability and long-term working time. Breathable valve is also waterproof which is safe and in good waterproof effect, at the same time in excellent heat dissipation.

Control Modes

The LED wall washer has two control modes: external control and internal control. The internal control does not require an external controller, such as the case of monochrome.

For external control, the external control controller must be configured to realize the color change, and most of the applications on the market are external control. Depending on the effect to be achieved, the control method is also different.

The external control controller includes 485 controller and DMX controller. The former can achieve changing effects such as gradation, jump, color flashing, random flashing, and gradual alteration, while the latter can achieve changing effects such as chasing, running water, scanning, animation, text, etc


LED Wall Washer Application

The exterior wall lighting of single buildings and historical buildings.

Inside the building, the light is transmitted through the outside lighting, and the indoor local lighting.

Green landscape lighting, LED wall washer and billboard lighting.

Specialized facilities such as medical treatment and culture.

Atmosphere lighting in entertainment venues such as bars, dance halls, etc.

LED Wall Washer Assembly Steps

Soldering PCB: solder the LED lamp beads on the aluminum substrate with a soldering iron and tin bar;

Test: Test the light on the soldered board to see if there is any false soldering or non-brightness;

Apply heat-dissipating glue: After the test is finished, put heat-dissipating silicone on the back of the aluminum substrate, and put the board into the shell;

Welding power supply: Weld the power supply on the positive and negative poles of the aluminum substrate;

Glue filling: the two ends of the wall washer are tied with tape to fill the glue. The glue-filled wall washer must be placed flat and not tilted;

Install glass and plugs: 8-10 hours after filling the glue, you can remove the tape, install the glass with glue, and then install the two plugs of the wall washer;

Wiring: Wiring after the wall washer is installed, the outlet interface is a male and female plug, which is convenient for installation;

Aging test: The finished lamp is finished and can be used after the aging test.

LED Wall Washer Installation Method

The adjustability of the bracket allows for various mounting options. The LED wall washer light can be wall-mounted, ground-mounted or ceiling-mounted.

Installation Steps:

1. Clean up the installation site: ensure that the installation site can bear 10 times the weight of the product. Install in a place where there is no vibration, no swing, and no fire hazard.

2. Fix with screws: Fix the lamp firmly on the mounting surface with screws;

3. Connection: correctly connect the lamp and the power cord, and wrap the unused thread with waterproof tape;

4. Number of installations: a branch power supply can connect up to 8 wall washers in series;

5. Inspection: Check the installation circuit, after confirming that the installation is correct, turn on the control power supply.

How much is the distance from the wall when the wall washer is installed? Many engineers and installers will ask this question.

 In fact, the distance between the wall washer and the wall should be considered from the perspective of installation environment and light-emitting.

The first is the installation environment. If the installation place is very narrow and the wall washer can only be put down, then it can only be installed against the wall. In this case, you can adjust the bracket to modify the angle of the lamp after the installation is completed, so that the height and uniformity of the light can reach the best lighting effect.

Secondly, the light-emitting angle. The light-emitting angle of the wall washer is different. The distance to the wall is also different. If the light-emitting angle is large (60-90 degrees), the distance from the wall is about 5-10 cm, which is a good distance; if the beam angle is relatively small, a beam of light is like this, and then close to the wall, as long as 1-5 cm.

LED Wall Washer Trend

The main function of the LED wall washer is to illuminate the wall, allowing the light to appear in various colors on the wall. It can be widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of company and corporate buildings, the lighting of government buildings, the wall lighting of historical buildings, and entertainment venues.

The scope involved ranges from the original indoor to outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting.

With the progress of the times, LED wall washer will become an indispensable part of the future lighting project. Bullux Lighting LED wall washer has been heavily invested in lighting projects in various fields.

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